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23 de febrero de 2018

El Gaitero en Gulfood 2018: un viaje hasta Oriente Medio

In 2014 the Asturias Tapas and Miniature Dishes Competition will be holding its 7th edition. Firmly positioned as a major event on Spain’s gastronomy scene, the event will once again be sponsored by Valle, Ballina y Fernández, and the participating bars and restaurants will be featuring drinks from the Asturian group such as Pomarina, El Gaitero Cider (33cc) and Conde del Real Agrado wine.


This event, which attracts more entrants than any other in Spain, will be held between 7th and 16th February. The panel of judges will include more than 50 culinary experts, who will be visiting bars and restaurants all over Asturias in order to select the 15 tapas that will go through to the final.


A total of 154 bars and restaurants from 22 municipalities around Asturias took part in the 2013 edition, which was officially based in Oviedo.


More info is available on the competition website.