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18 de abril de 2018

Pomarina Natural Espumosa gana una medalla de plata en el Cider World de Frankfurt

On 11th June, Grupo El Gaitero will be taking part in ‘Cristalwine’, an initiative offering audiences the chance to experience new sensations with wine, and on this occasion also with cider, through music and tasting.


The event, created by leading editor, journalist and wine critic Carlos Delgado, will take place in El Bitró-Gastronomía Loya, situated in Oviedo’s Calatrava Centre. There, artist   Gianfranco Grisi, accompanied by pianist Alexis Delgado, will offer a glass harp recital, performing musical pieces on this unique instrument which consists of various rows of glasses filled to different levels with a selection of liquids, including cider.


‘Cristalwine’ will feature works by Bach, Mozart, Schubert, Verdi, Fauré and Debussy, and will be followed by a wine and cider tasting session.