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Sidra El Gaitero

Famous around the world

Sidras Espumosas. Sidra El Gaitero

Sparkling ciders

A mix of tradition and modernity.

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Sidras Brut. Sidra El Gaitero

Natural sparkling ciders


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Sidra Sin Alcohol. Sidra El Gaitero

Alcohol-free ciders

Alcohol-free, with all the flavour.

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El Gaitero. An industry leader

A family business and a vision of life, based on commitment, hard work and our customers.

Our story starts with a coming together of events and people. People committed to growing apples in Villaviciosa, people in far-off lands with a longing for their homeland, its traditions and drinks and a series of events that favoured sea trade from the Port of Gijón.

Learn about our history

The history of a group of companies, which, thanks to sacrifice and effort, is considered one of the leading Spanish companies in the food sector.


Visita a la bodega de Sidra El Gaitero

Learn about our infrastructures

Over 40,000 square meters of facilities to produce a unique and exclusive product.


Tour of the permanent collection and cider mill

Tour: Permanent collection and cider mill, including a tasting session



The key objectives of this project are to implement more sustainable production process and optimise the heat sterilisation processes of the pre-cooked meals prepared by Valle, Ballina y Fernández SA. This will enable the company to preserve the full sensorial and nutritional properties of its canned foods, as well as validating and guaranteeing that its processes and products comply fully with micro-biological, physical, chemical and organoleptic food safety requirements.

Furthermore, optimising its heat sterilisation processes will enable the firm to reduce expenditure on energy, thanks to time and temperature adjustments to its autoclave equipment.

Project subsidised by: