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El Gaitero

Corporate Social Responsibility

Grupo El Gaitero, working with its environmen

We hold a strong commitment to our society and environment. In this sense, Grupo El Gaitero works closely with a number of businesses, groups, associations and events, as part of our commitment to Spanish society in general and the culture surrounding the region of Asturias and cider in particular.

With these goals in mind, we support initiatives such as collaboration or sponsorship projects aimed at promoting sports (including canoeing, motor racing, athletics and sailing), as well as the culture of Asturias through our involvement with the Villaviciosa Pipe Band, the Folk Group, the Valdediós Cultural Association. This commitment is also reflected in our committed involvement in the José Cardín Foundation, created in order to protect and promote Asturias’ history and heritage and its strong ties with the apple and cider industries, and naturally also with the municipality of Villaviciosa.


Supporting Youth Sport

We encourage sports throughout the region

Sport plays a vital role in society, and youth sport is of particular importance, providing children and young people with the opportunity to acquire key values for their future development. In this sense, Grupo El Gaitero is committed to encouraging the practice of sports from an early age through to adulthood.

An example of this is our long-standing sponsorship of Villaviciosa - El Gaitero Canoe Club, with more than 50 members competing in the various categories. We also support the Villaviciosa Athletics Club and the Villaviciosa Regatta Group, as well as El Gaitero Motor Racing Competition.


Support for Asturias’ traditional culture

Putting Asturias’ culture first

El Gaitero’s roots lie in Asturias, a region with which it shares inextricable ties. Indeed, any mention of the Principality inevitably brings to mind Grupo El Gaitero and vice versa. This sense of union is the reason behind the company’s permanent commitment to the culture, traditions and heritage of Asturias, based on major collaboration and/or sponsorship actions such as its support for the inclusion of Asturian cider on the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage List.

This determined support for Asturias’ traditional culture also includes our involvement with the  Villaviciosa - El Gaitero Pipe Band and the Folk Group – a collaboration which dates back many years. We also promote the Tazones Painting Competition, the Valdediós Cultural Association and the Capilla de la Torre Choir. Our actions in this field also include ongoing support for the Cider Museum since it first opened, a space designed to promote and raise awareness of Asturian cider.


Fundación José Cardín

The José Cardín Fernández Foundation 

Committed to Asturias’ history and heritage

Without doubt, the creation and support for the José Cardín Foundation has represented a key area of Grupo El Gaitero’s Corporate Social Responsibility for many years.  Since it was set up in 1988, the Foundation has worked to protect and promote the history and heritage of Asturias, as well as its apple and cider industry, focusing naturally on the municipality of Villaviciosa. And all this without losing sight of its principal objective; namely to recover, extend and disseminate the historic legacy forged by Valle, Ballina y Fernández, and also to pay tribute to José Cardín, a key figure in the major expansion of El Gaitero in the late 20th century.


Our commitment to society

•Transfer of premises for the Raitana Association.

•El Gaitero Regatta donates registration fees to Cáritas.

•Christmas Charity Concert.