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El Gaitero

Corporate Social Responsibility

El Gaitero Group, working with its environment

We are committed to our society and our environment. For this reason, at El Gaitero Group we collaborate with different companies, groups, associations, events...which demonstrate our involvement with Spanish society in general and particularly the culture of Asturias, and of cider.

With these objectives, we support initiatives to promote sport with collaborations or sponsorships (canoeing, motor racing, athletics, sailing...), as well as Asturian culture through our involvement with the Villaviciosa Pipe Band, the Folkloric Group, the Valdediós Cultural Circle... Not forgetting the start-up and total involvement with the José Cardín Foundation, whose objectives are part of the commitment to the history and heritage of Asturias, its cider and its apples; and, of course, of the municipality of Villaviciosa.


Support for grassroots sport

Promoting sport in the region

The importance of sport in society is very important and is particularly significant in grassroots sport, where children learn fundamental values for their future development. With these premises, at El Gaitero Group we are committed to promoting sporting activities from the youngest children to adulthood.

For years, we have been sponsoring the Villaviciosa - El Gaitero Canoe Club, with more than 50 athletes in different categories. We support the Villaviciosa Athletics Sports Club and the Villaviciosa Regatta Group, without forgetting the El Gaitero motor racing competition.


Support for traditional Asturian culture

Asturian culture above all else

The cradle of El Gaitero is in Asturias and its link is absolutely indivisible. If we talk about the Principality, we have to mention the El Gaitero Group, and vice versa. This union allows us to understand the constant support that the company has given to the culture, tradition and heritage of Asturias through the collaboration and/or sponsorship of actions as important as the Support to the Candidacy of the Cider Culture to the Intangible Heritage of Humanity.

In our support for traditional Asturian culture, we cannot overlook the involvement we have maintained over the years with the Villaviciosa Pipe Band - El Gaitero and the Folklore Group. We also promote the Tazones Painting Competition, the Valdediós Cultural Circle and the Capilla de la Torre Choir. Since its inauguration, we have been supporting the Cider Museum, whose aim is to raise awareness and promote Asturian cider.


Fundación José Cardín

José Cardín Fernández Foundation;

A commitment to the history and heritage of Asturias.

Undoubtedly, a key part of El Gaitero Group's Corporate Social Responsibility for many years has been driven by the creation and implementation of the José Cardín Foundation. Since 1998, when it was founded, the Foundation has been promoting the dissemination of the history and heritage of Asturias, its cider and apples and, of course, of the municipality of Villaviciosa. Without forgetting its main objective, which is the recovery, expansion and dissemination of the historical heritage of Valle, Ballina y Fernández; as well as paying tribute to José Cardín, the key person in the major expansion process El Gaitero underwent at the end of the 20th century.

And furthermore...

We get involved with society

•Donation of premises for the Raitana Association.

Donation to Caritas of the registration fees for the Piper Regatta.

Charity Christmas concert.