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El Gaitero

Learn about the history of the cider that is famous throughout the world

Our story starts with a coming together of events and people. People committed to growing apples in Villaviciosa, people in far-off lands with a longing for their homeland, its traditions and drinks and a series of events that favoured sea trade from the Port of Gijón.

Since 1898, our cidery has stood on the shores of the Villaviciosa ria, in La Espuncia. Our facilities occupy 40,000 square metres and include the apple reception zone, the pressing rooms, cellars, as well as the bottling and packaging lines. They also include the company’s offices and the building housing El Gaitero’s permanent collection.

Passion and commitment
Learn about our history
Sidra El Gaitero
Learn about our infrastructures
Learn about the history of the famous cider in the whole world
Passion and commitment