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At El Gaitero Group we are committed to the environment and involved with society, which is why we will be collaborating with the waste collection that will take place on June 1st on the beach of San Pedro de la Ribera (Soto de Luiña) at 12 noon.

This event, organised by Volumínica and Clínica dental Montes Noval, will not only collect but also recycle waste, as it will be used for the clinic's window display in Oviedo.

What do you need to clean safely?

- Gloves: it is important to protect your hands from toxic products.

- Large rubbish bags: two are more than enough.

- Glass jars: these are essential, they will be used to collect small plastics, this waste will be the ones that we will later classify and use in the design of the shop window. Make sure they are of a size that is comfortable to carry in your hand.

- You can use rakes and colanders: they will help you to remove sand and collect small pieces and microplastics.

- And don't forget sunscreen, especially for the little ones.

- Food and drink, for you and/or to share.

- You can also bring tables and chairs to eat comfortably, although a towel will also be useful, as this beach has a large green area where we will have lunch.