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24 de enero de 2014

The Asturias Tapas and Miniature Dishes Competition will take place in February

The cider mill

El Gaitero was born in one of the most traditional Asturian cider mills, where the visitor can take a unique tour to discover the secrets of the flavour of Asturias, cider.

From the canigú - the area where the apples enter for pre-sorting and washing - and the Press Room - where the apples are crushed and their first juices extracted - to the bottling and packaging line - automated with cutting-edge technology - the history and emotions can be felt in each and every one of the spaces of La Espuncia. And the heart of Valle Ballina y Fernández beats in its five cider mills: the Central, the Provincial, the American Countries, the metal tanks, and the new stainless steel tanks.

El Gaitero's facilities in La Espuncia extend over more than 40,000 square metres, strategically located next to the Villaviciosa estuary. There, its centuries-old cellars, declared one of the most representative elements of the Historical Industrial Heritage of Asturias, coexist with the latest generation of cutting-edge technology.