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11 de octubre de 2018

Our ciders receive awards in Japan!

El Gaitero ciders have been awarded again, this time in Japan. After having received distinctions throughout the year in the USA, England, Germany and, of course, Asturias, this time Japan recognised the quality of our products at the Japan Cider Awards.

The competition, which rewards the best international ciders, has awarded one star to El Gaitero Red Grape and two to El Gaitero cider.

This year has been really fruitful, as we have reaped such important rewards as the recognition of Pomarina Natural and Pomarina Natural Espumosa as Institutional Ciders of the PDO Sidra de Asturias (Best Ciders), each of them in their own category, or the awards received at the Royal Bath and West Show.

El Gaitero Cider

A young product inside and out, as not only is its format - the third, the can and 50 cl - more youthful, but also its interior contains a cider that has been created with today's tastes in mind.

El Gaitero Cider suggests enjoying it in a balloon glass, served with ice and a slice of apple that will bring out its tantalising nuances. A drink that is as refreshing and chic as a gin and tonic… but made with apples and an alcohol content of just 5.5º! However, it is also the ideal choice for drinking straight from the can or bottle on less formal occasions.

El Gaitero Red Grape

This is the same cider as El Gaitero Cider, but this time carefully blended with just the right amount of tempranillo grape must which, in addition to giving it its irresistible red tone, also reduces the alcohol content to just 4º.