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21 de agosto de 2019

Conde del Real Agrado, a wine from La Rioja to toast the Day of Asturias

Since the end of 2018, Viñedos de Alfaro has been part of El Gaitero Group, a leader in Asturias’ industrial sector since it was founded in 1890. For this reason, the winery, based in La Rioja but with an Asturian heart, was eager to take part in the celebrations to commemorate the Day of Asturias with a very special action.

“As a winery based in La Rioja but with 100% Asturian capital, we were excited to celebrate such a special day with a limited edition wine and a unique label that reflects our close ties with the Principality”, explained Antonio Salinas, the winery’s Asturian-born Commercial Director.

To mark the occasion, they joined forces with the local hospitality industry and produced a special edition of the Conde del Real Agrado Rioja in the 3 litre double magnum format so that the bars and restaurants of Asturias could serve it by glasses to their customers on 8th September.

This 250-bottle Limited Edition contained a coupage of the 2013 vintage, crafted in a moving tribute to Asturias on its special day.

The label design was personalised to include elements that evoke the Asturians beloved homeland and of course its flag in blue tones reminiscent of the sea and presided over by the iconic Victory Cross.