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06 de junio de 2013

El Gaitero set to the music of Cristalmonio

The tour ends on the top floor of the building, in a space that invites visitors to linger. Arranged like a movie theatre, with simple seating, visitors can watch a modern documentary providing an insight into the company’s history, which includes excerpts from one of the most important audio-visual documents in the firm’s possession: entitled Bellezas de Asturias (‘The Beauties of Asturias’), it was filmed between 1919 and 1920 and includes a full feature on the La Espuncia cidery.

This is a further example of the forward-thinking philosophy that has consistently characterised the firm and its use of new tools for the promotion of its products.

A journey that unfolds on three floors, each with clearly differentiated spaces. The ground floor is dedicated to the company’s origins, which include its champagne-style cider as well as the history of the founding family and its continuators.