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08 de febrero de 2017

El Gaitero Gourmet Fabada at Madrid Fusion

This week the El Gaitero Cider website has been launched in Chinese. It has been two decades since the El Gaitero Group decided to introduce its products in the Asian country, specifically in Hong Kong, where it currently markets several of its prepared foods. Hong Kong was also the first area of the Asian giant where the Asturian firm introduced its cider, with the export of El Gaitero Black Label.

This strategy to enter the Asian market was reinforced a few years ago, after studying the possibilities of the market once again. It was then that the Asturian company decided to strengthen its expansion in China, gradually introducing the most traditional varieties of the brand, El Gaitero Cider and El Gaitero Extra Cider.

This year, both will be launched in one of China's largest retail chains, Wu-mart supermarkets.

With the new Chinese version of the website, El Gaitero aims to offer a new, more accessible space for this international market and the more than 1,200 million people who speak Chinese. The aim is to bring cider closer to Chinese consumers so that they can get to know it beyond its consumption, as, although it is a product that is popular in the Asian country, very little is known about it.