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12 de diciembre de 2016

The José Cardín Foundation invites you to take part in the 2nd Edition of the Nativity Scene Trail

The El Gaitero brand, flavour of Asturias and ambassador of its exquisite ciders all over the world, continues to innovate after more than a century of history, from its cider mill in La Espuncia, Villaviciosa. The philosophy of the production company, Valle Ballina y Fernández, has always been based on a fundamental principle: that everyone can enjoy the Asturian apple and its delicate juices.

After years of evolution and development, introducing cutting-edge technology to traditional production methods, El Gaitero has extended its wide range of ciders. In 2012, the time has come for its latest launch, designed for those who do not drink alcohol: Alcohol Free El Gaitero. Alcohol Free El Gaitero.

Alcohol Free El Gaitero is made from natural cider, produced by the traditional method, from which the alcohol is subsequently extracted. The presentation of this new product reaches every home this Christmas 2012 with the green tones of the apple, in a 70 cl glass bottle. Its straw yellow colour with fine bubbles is accompanied by an intense aroma, with a predominance of primary peach and apple aromas. The ideal temperature for tasting Alcohol Free El Gaitero is between 7 and 10ºC, to fully appreciate its acidity, which is not excessively marked, and a sweetness that is perfectly matched.

A glass of Alcohol Free El Gaitero is the perfect accompaniment to light meals and is ideal for dessert.