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28 de mayo de 2020

José Cardín receives the Álvarez Margaride Award for his Business Trajectory

Executive vice-chairman at Valle Ballina y Fernández, José Cardín, has been given the José Luis Álvarez Margaride Award for Business Trajectory, although the official ceremony will be postponed until 2021.

The award, an initiative of the APQ Association (Asturias Patria Querida) and Sabadell Herrero, acknowledges the efforts and dedication of individuals, companies and institutions that stand out for their executive or business trajectory, or an example of determination, capacity for innovation and entrepreneurship and maintain or have maintained close business, economic or social ties with the Principality of Asturias.

In the case of the vice-chairman of Sidra El Gaitero’s parent company, the award organisers consider that he represents the successful Asturian businessman to perfection, with the tenacity necessary in order to maintain, diversify, internationalise and consolidate the family company founded back in 1890 by his ancestors.

“Cardín is a discrete person with solid connections to his homeland, who continues living in his beloved Villaviciosa. He is unassuming, enjoys close connections with his fellow residents and provides ongoing support for his local community. He has demonstrated a highly responsible attitude throughout his business career, which is now also channelled through the Jose Cardin Fernandez Foundation”, they added.

Recipients of previous editions of the Álvarez Margaride Award include businessmen Juan Alvargonzález, Plácido Arango, Juan Cueto, Francisco Rodríguez, Daniel Alonso, Antonio Suárez, Luis Fernández-Vega, Sabino García Vallina and Carlos Casanueva.