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15 de julio de 2020

Pomarina cider and Gaitero 100% Apple in 330 ml format, declared best ciders in their category at the Nava Cider Festival.

Cider was the authentic protagonist of the 43rd edition of the Nava Cider Festival, declared to be of national tourist interest, with numerous activities such as competitions, tasting and pairing sessions. However, there was also a very special ceremony in which the tasting committee give awards to the products that they consider to be the best ciders and apple by-products made in Asturias.

At this latest edition, Villaviciosa came away with no fewer than 6 of the 8 awards, two of which went to El Gaitero Group ciders.

Our Pomarina Brut cider received the prize for the Best Endogenous Sparkling Cider. The production process is noted for the final fermentation phase which is pressurised in order to integrate the bubbles better. This cider, which holds a Protected Designation of Origin, is characterised by its refreshing and elegant flavour.

Our Gaitero 100% Apple received the award for the Best Cider in 330 ml format, a prize that it also received at the 42nd edition of the Nava Festival, held last year. A drink crafted to meet the demands of today’s consumer: a product that guarantees consumption of the same cider throughout the year and that offers the option of individual consumption in smaller formats that the traditional packaging.