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28 de noviembre de 2019

Nine medals for El Gaitero Group ciders, this time at the Sagardo Forum.

The prize-winning ciders are Gaitero Spanish cider 100% Apple (can format), traditional natural Pomarina, 1898, Valle, Ballina y Fernández, El Gaitero Extra, Gaitero Spanish Cider 100% Apple, Gaitero Spanish Cider Red Grape, El Gaitero Black Label and El Gaitero Natural.

This Monday, the Kursaal Convention Centre in San Sebastián hosted the award ceremony for the 2nd edition of the Sagardo Forum International Cider Competition, held during the 3rd edition of the Sagardo Forum.

Almost 200 ciders from 14 countries took part in this edition, including some of El Gaitero Group’s most special products.

Four silver and five bronze medals are the latest additions to the accolades the group’s products have received over the course of the year (and its trajectory).

Silver medals

- Gaitero Spanish Cider 100% apple (can format)

- Traditional Natural Pomarina

- 1898

- Valle, Ballina y Fernández

Bronze medals

- El Gaitero extra

- Gaitero Spanish Cider 100% apple

- Gaitero Spanish Cider Red Grape

- El Gaitero Black Label

- El Gaitero Natural