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28 de mayo de 2019

El Gaitero’s 33 cl formats keep summer cool

Summer is just around the corner, and with the arrival of the good weather, it’s more appetising than ever to enjoy refreshing and innovative products such as El Gaitero’s 330 ml formats (Gaitero Spanish Cider), which craft the essence of the firm, based on an equal mix of modernity and tradition.

Gaitero Spanish Cider now comes in three delicious versions that are the perfect choice for any time of day. Three 33 cl formats to suit all tastes (100% Apple, Red Grape and Alcohol-free) which are an original and different way of enjoying a cider that is acclaimed around the world for its superb quality.

All these new products come with the guarantee of El Gaitero’s experience and know-how, offering customers and consumers its expertise, professionalism and passion for quality, delivering cutting-edge leading products.

Proof of this are the numerous awards acquired in recent times. Indeed, these products have won prizes in countries such as Japan, the USA and Australia, where cider has become a firm favourite with young people. A further example is Germany, which last month awarded these ciders a silver and an honorary medal.

Both in Spain and abroad, Gaitero Spanish Cider has gained a consolidated reputation in an increasingly demanding market that is seeking new sensations and unique products.

100% Apple is a modern cider crafted specially to satisfy the tastes of today. The Alcohol-free version is another unique beverage: made from cider, it is much more than a soft drink thanks to the acidity which makes it so refreshing. Red Grape is the newest arrival on the market, offering all the delicious flavour of cider blended with a hint of tempranillo grapes, creating the deep red tone and a unique experience in the mouth.

To date, Red Grape was only available in a 50 cl bottle format, designed for the international market. However, following extremely successful sales, it was adapted to the Spanish 33 cl format, completing the company’s highly innovative range, designed for individual consumption on the domestic cider market.

The result is a range of innovative products guaranteed to surprise and delight and which also feature a brand new image. The firm opted for a standard format and the result is a newer, updated and more streamlined appearance.

In order to enjoy the full flavour of the Gaitero Spanish Cider in its various versions, its creators recommend serving it on the rocks and a at a temperature of between 7ºC and 10ºC. It is the ideal for lingering over pre-lunch drinks, especially due to the low alcohol content (100% Apple: 5.5%; Alcohol-free: <0.5 % ; and Red Grape: 4%). It is also perfect for drinking straight from the bottle at informal gatherings. The perfect choice for a pre-lunch or after-work drink… and it’s also gluten-free!

Gaitero Spanish Cider can be found in gourmet and local food stores as well as supermarkets, and is also gradually becoming available in bars and restaurants. It can also be purchased for convenient home delivery by sending an email to or calling +34 985 89 01 00.