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06 de agosto de 2020

Filtered Natural Pomarina has been chosen as the Institutional Cider for the third consecutive year.

Premio a la mejor sidra de Asturias

For the third year in a row, Pomarina has won first prize for the Nest Filtered Natural Cider at the 17th Edition of the Best Cider of Asturias competition. Each year, the regulatory council announces the “Institutional Ciders” of the PDO Sidra de Asturias; in other words, the ciders that are honoured to be declared the best in their category. The winners are chosen by a panel of experts who taste the various ciders during a blind tasting session.

Part of El Gaitero Group, specialists in curating products with soul that blend tradition and modernity to perfection, Pomarina is sheer sophistication in cider. It does not to be poured in traditional Asturian style (in a ritual known as escanciado) to reach its full expression and can be enjoyed served chilled in a glass (between 7º and 10º) in the manner of a white wine, although naturally, in this case, made from apples.

Applies of the Durona de Tresali, De La Riega, Verdialona, Raxao and Regona varieties, all naturally included in the POD Sidra de Asturias.

It is golden, transparent, crystalline and brilliant, with delicate bubbles that burst as it is poured into the glass. Its powerful aroma reveals its youth and the fruity aromas, essentially of apples and citrus fruits. The delicate bubbles add a delightful freshness.

Pomarina is delicious as an aperitif, but it is also perfect when paired with a meal, bringing out the full flavour of mild meat, fish or shellfish dishes, amongst others. It is also a favourite with those who prefer international fare such as tiradito, ceviche or sushi.

It is on sale in food stores and delicatessens and can also be ordered from the comfort of your home by sending an email to the following address: