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04 de abril de 2019

Another four medals for El Gaitero at CiderWorld 2019

Following on from the UAE and Japan, El Gaitero Group ciders recently visited Germany for the latest edition of the prestigious CiderWorld in Frankfurt.

This is one of the top international events, attracting producers, specialised press, restauranteurs and sommeliers, amongst other visitors. In other words, sector professionals who have once again succumbed to the delights and quality of the products made by the Asturias-based business group.

El Gaitero Natural and El Gaitero in 33 cl format received two honorary medals, whilst the Sparkling Natural Pomarina and El Gaitero Red Grape were both awarded silver medals.

El Gaitero Natural

This cider is produced using natural methods and a mix of Coloradona, Raxao, Perico or Regona apples. All classic Asturian varieties. The result is a natural dry cider with a high alcohol content that conserves its full carbonation. Straw yellow in tone, it has a delightfully fine aroma with fruity hints in the mouth.

Sparkling Natural Pomarina

Modern and sophisticated, this extra brut cider is naturally carbonated – hence its name – the result of a second fermentation process. It pairs to perfection with traditional recipes, although its versatility also makes it the perfect accompaniment for more cosmopolitan dishes such as sushi, tartare or ceviche.

El Gaitero in 33 cl format

This is a young product both inside and out. Innovation not only lies in its 33 cl can format and 50 cl bottle formats, but also inside is a cider crafted specially to satisfy contemporary tastes.

Perfect for enjoying in a balloon glass, served with ice and a slice of apple that will bring out its tantalising nuances. A drink that is as refreshing and chic as a gin and tonic… but made with apples and an alcohol content of just 5.5º! However, it is also the ideal choice for drinking straight from the can or bottle on less formal occasions.

El Gaitero Red Grape

This is the same cider as the previous version, but this time carefully blended with just the right amount of tempranillo grape must which, in addition to giving it its irresistible red tone, also reduces the alcohol content to just 4º. Sweet and refreshing, it comes in an original 50 cl bottle, which is the third and final element in this magical product that is set to be the hit of the season.