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22 de octubre de 2018

El Gaitero triumphs in Australia

New award for El Gaitero Group: this time, the recognition is for our El Gaitero Natural cider. After winning awards this year in the USA, Germany and England, where it won a silver medal, a diploma of honour and a gold medal, respectively, it is now in Australia where they have fallen for its charms.

El Gaitero Natural has been one of the winners of the Australian Cider Awards 2018 with a bronze medal, awarded by the "Cider Australia" association. Another award that endorses the good work of the El Gaitero Group, creator of this cider that has not ceased to give satisfaction, that captivates wherever it goes and that perfectly embodies the essence of the company.

It was 128 years ago that the first El Gaitero cider was born, with which the company - a pioneer in this field - created a different way of understanding this drink, which could be preserved and enjoyed anywhere in the world where it could not be poured in the traditional local way.

Made from a blend of typical Asturian apples, the result is a dry cider that retains a natural sparkle and can be enjoyed, without pouring, in a wine glass.

El Gaitero Natural is a perfect choice for an aperitif, but also the ideal companion for a light meal, seafood or fish. It can be found in large supermarkets and gourmet shops. Those who prefer can buy it by emailing and receive it comfortably at home.