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15 de mayo de 2020

Refreshing, natural and absolutely delicious.

The list of ingredients is short: 100% juice and nothing else – no preservatives or added sugars. That’s why this drink is ideal for children and those who prefer to cut out alcohol, such as mums-to-be, drivers or athletes.

Transparent gold in colour, its aroma announces a fresh, citrusy flavour with a hint of fruit, which turns slightly acidic, fresh and fruity in the mouth. These characteristics also make it the perfect pair for spirits such as vodka or whisky and add the perfect finishing touch to sophisticated cocktails such as Appletini.

What’s more, its cutting-edge can format means it can be enjoyed anywhere, anytime: unlike carton-packaged juices, the can allows the contents to be chilled far faster.

Although it had been produced for more than 100 years, sales were relatively low. The firm has opted to focus on this product and update it. After becoming a firm favourite with small-scale traders, it is now on sale in two of the region’s biggest chains - Másymás and Alimerka supermarkets. El Gaitero Apple Juice is ready to conquer the rest of Spain.

El Gaitero Apple Juice can be purchased at Alimerka and MásyMás supermarkets, as well as in food stores. If you can’t find it on the shelves of stores in your town, you can order a home delivery by writing to the following email address: