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12 de marzo de 2020

Temporary cancellation of the guided tours of our Historic Cidery

Due to the global emergency caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, tours of our Historic Cidery and Permanent Collection were stopped on 12th March in order to protect the health of our employees and visitors.

Three months later, we reopened with significant changes designed to protect our visitors, as well as the team of professionals at El Gaitero Group.

Starting Friday, 17th July and until mid-September, our visiting times will be as follows:

Tours will continue to last approximately an hour, during which time visitors must wear face masks at all times whilst on our facilities. Only during the product tasting session, and once they are seated in their corresponding place, will they be allowed to remove their face masks. Starting 17th July, an admission fee of €5 applies to all visitors over 14 (the visit is free of charge for the rest) which can be redeemed for products in the store. The admission fee must be paid prior to the start of the tour.

As before, advance booking and confirmation by El Gaitero are mandatory. We have reduced the capacity from 60 to 24 people, and therefore we advise you to book well in advance as we are unable to guarantee that requests can be processed with less than a day’s notice.

Advance bookings may be made via the regular channels such as the booking form on our website, by telephone on +34 985 890 100 or by writing to the following email address:

Following the temporary closure of our Historic Cidery and Permanent Collection due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, we are now open again! Read on to learn about the changes we have made for the new season.

Here at Sidra El Gaitero we cannot remain oblivious to the health emergency caused by the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. After studying the situation carefully, and much to our regret, we have decided to cancel visits to our cidery for the time being. Failure to adopt this measure would be extremely unwise and contrary to the recommendations issued by the health authorities.

As soon as the situation allows, we will recommence this activity, which welcomes just under 60,000 visitors a year from all over Spain and the rest of the world.

We are extremely sorry for the inconvenience this decision may have caused.