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11 de octubre de 2013

Taste our Pomarina Cider at the Apple Festival

19th November 2013

El Gaitero supports young people’s future through STARTinnova

Grupo El Gaitero is one of the principal sponsors of STARTinnova, a project created by to promote entrepreneurship amongst Asturian students who are in their final years of high school or undertaking vocational training courses.


Around two hundred young people are taking part in the programme, which got underway in October. The idea is to provide them with the necessary know-how and tools in order to draw up a business plan, social project or other types of initiatives.  


Most of the young people taking part in the project are aged between 16 and 17. The objective is not for them to set up their own company, but rather to provide them with the skills necessary for entrepreneurship, and well as the insight into their context and environment needed in order to put their project into practice. The best ten projects will go through to a final phase in which their creators will have to present and defend their ideas.  


More info on the website at