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29 de enero de 2018

El Gaitero: three days at Madrid Fusión

Today, Wednesday 31st July, sees the start of the 18th Edition of El Gaitero Regatta in the Bilbao Abra bay. A total of 400 participants and 50 vessels will be competing in this year’s edition of this classic event.


The event, organised by the Astur Royal Regatta Club of Gijón and the Spanish Royal Sailing Federation, is sponsored by El Gaitero business group.  


The regatta is divided into four legs, including two coastal routes (Guecho-Santander / Santander-Gijón) and two windward-leeward courses in Gijón. The main race is the 92 mile route between Santander and Gijón.


For the second year running the vessels will be fitted with state-of-the-art trackers that will make it possible to follow the races online.  


The prizes will be awarded over two days. On Thursday, 1st August, the winners of the first event will receive their trophies at the Santander Royal Yacht Club, whilst the second prize ceremony will be held on Saturday, 3rd August at El Gaitero’s facilities in Villaviciosa, during the traditional espicha celebration offered by the sponsor.   


The event’s collaborators include the Abra-Real Sporting Club Royal Yacht Club, the Santander Royal Yacht Club, the Villaviciosa Regatta Group, the Principality of Asturias Sailing Federation and the Royal National Cruising Association.


Click here for live coverage of the regatta