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10 de agosto de 2020

Visit El Gaitero historic cidery; a great day out for the family, friends or even just you this summer!

Visita a la bodega de Sidra El Gaitero

This site, which is listed as Historical Industrial Heritage, is one of Spain’s oldest wineries (completed in 1898) and an authentic jewel.

El Gaitero Group’s innovative spirit is not only present in its products, but also in its capacity to create unique, cutting-edge experiences such as the visits to its cidery, where all the brand’s ciders are made.

Tours of the facilities first got underway back in the 1920s; the early days of the company and the authentic forerunner of what today is known as “cider tourism”.

Although this leisure activity ceased in the wake of the crises of the first half of the 20th century, in the 1970s the decision was made to restart the tours and today more than 60,000 visitors a year learn the secrets behind the exciting world of cider.

These guided tours are undoubtedly a great idea for the holiday period and the chance to learn how the ciders of the 21st century that are winning over the world are made.

The tour

Visitors are welcomed by a guide who will explain what they will be seeing.

First stop is the Permanent Collection which is housed in the former office buildings and which is easy to spot as there is a sign on the façade dating back to the company’s early days that reads “Sidra Champagne” or “Champagne-style Cider”.

Here, visitors can admire an exhibition that recounts the 130-year history of this Asturian firm, a world leader in its sector. From the early cider bottles or labels, to photographs dating back to the late 19th century depicting the boats that, laden down with cargo, set sail from the Villaviciosa ria. Other exhibits include advertising posters or the advertisement used for its visit to the 1900 Paris World Fair.

The third floor of this building has a room in which an authentic treasure is shown: a brief documentary lasting just 15 minutes but which is of incalculable value as it summarises the company’s history and includes black and white frames from the film entitled “Bellezas de Asturias” (“Beauties of Asturias), which was commissioned by the company in the 1920s. Undoubtedly one of the highlights of the tour.

The tour ends with a cider tasting session, without forgetting our younger visitors, who will have the opportunity to enjoy our delicious El Gaitero Apple Juice.

Additional information

Tours cost €5 (for over 14s), although this may be redeemed for products in the store.

The tours last approximately one hour. Until mid-September, the tour times are 10:00, 11:30 and 13:00. From Tuesday to Friday there are also additional tours at 17:00 and 18:30.

Advance booking is required as the tours have a maximum capacity of 24 people. To book, send an email to or call +34 985 890 100.

Asturias has all the flavours of the sea and mountains, its gastronomy and of course its traditions, culture and cider. That’s why we offer a great day out, not to be missed by visitors or locals: a trip to El Gaitero Cidery, a magical place and ... a great day out for the family, friends or even just you this summer!