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El Gaitero Cider (33cc)

El Gaitero Cider (33cc)

El Gaitero Cider (33cc) meets one of the demands of today’s consumers: a product that enables them to enjoy the same cider throughout the year and the option of individual formats that are smaller than the standard sizes.

The essential secret of El Gaitero ciders lies in their perfect mix of tradition and modernity. In recent years, the original classic ciders for which the company is renowned have been joined by innovative natural ciders de nueva expresión containing new shades and nuances that make them ideal even for drinking on their own.


When served chilled, it is the ideal accompaniment for an appetiser at any time of day. If you enjoy experimenting with the latest trends, place ice cubes in a balloon glass or wide pint glass, pour in El Gaitero Cider (33cc) and add a slice of apple for a truly refreshing experience.