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Ice Cider 1898

Ice Cider 1898

Ice Cider 1898 is made from perfectly ripened apples harvested in our orchards which are then frozen. They are later pressed to produce a sugar-rich must which is fermented with carefully selected yeasts and then matured on our lees for more than three months. The cider is then filtered before bottling.

The essential secret of El Gaitero ciders lies in their perfect mix of tradition and modernity. In recent years, the original classic ciders for which the company is renowned have been joined by innovative natural ciders de nueva expresión containing new shades and nuances that make them ideal even for drinking on their own.


Although it is delicious when enjoyed on its own, perfect pairing suggestions include mature, full fat cheeses, duck or goose foie gras served fresh, mi-cuit or as a pâté. Yet it really comes into its own when served with low-sugar fruit desserts such as apple pie, or crystallised oranges, mandarins, kiwis and strawberries as well as with chocolate or dried fruit and nuts.