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Valle, Ballina & Fernández Brut Cider

Valle, Ballina & Fernández Brut Cider

This bottle-fermented cider proves the theory that techniques traditionally used for other products such as cava and champagne can also be applied to cider, further enhancing the product quality. This is a long-life cider featuring a delicately fine blend of primary aromas and bouquets. It is produced from a traditional cider recipe using a blend of Designation of Origin varieties such as Teórica, Raxao, Perico or Regona.

The essential secret of El Gaitero ciders lies in their perfect mix of tradition and modernity. In recent years, the original classic ciders for which the company is renowned have been joined by innovative natural ciders de nueva expresión containing new shades and nuances that make them ideal even for drinking on their own.


An excellent accompaniment for any light meal, fish and fresh cheese and is perfect for enjoying with dessert. This delicate and harmonious cider is best when drunk slowly.