El Gaitero Rosé

Crafted using traditional methods and a combination of apple varieties whose rich aromas make them ideal for use in cider production. This enables us to produce a top quality must which acquires its rosé tone when it comes into contact with the fruit skin. 
A slow alcoholic fermentation process at a low temperature produces the natural base cider.
The final stages of the production process include clarification, filtration, sweetening and carbonation to produce a semi-dry cider.

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Colour: pale pink with lots of fine bubbles.

Aroma: fresh and sound with notable aromas of fruit, apples and citrus fruits.

Palate: an initial sharpness with a clearly defined acidity that gives way to a lingering finish.


Alcohol content (% v/v): 4.1

Bottle pressure (atm): 3.2-4.2




(Regulation (EU) No. 1169/2011)

Consumption mode

Serving temperature: 5 - 8 oC.

This cider pairs to perfection with light meals.

Ideal as an aperitif.