Real Agrado Rosado

It has a delicate pale pink color, vivid, clean and bright. Aromas of red fruits, raspberry and watermelon with a touch of citrus. Very assembled, sensations of strawberry, watermelon and pomegranate. Soft, subtle, refreshing and sweet with a marked start.


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Añada: 2019

Grape variety:  Garnacha.

Wine suitable for vegans.

Elaboration: Tanks are filled with semi-crushed grapes, remaining at a temperature of 10/12 ºC. Under these conditions, the must and the grape skins are left in contact for about 6 hours. After this time, we proceed to the bleeding by gravity, through which the must flows naturally by gravity; and the pressure of the height of the grape in the tank. The must is settled by flotation and once clean, it is fermented. Once the fermentation is finished, the wine is stabilized, going to bottling to be labeled and put on the market.

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