Spanish Cider 100% apple

This extra cider is made by traditional methods with a mixture of suitable varieties (Durona de Tresali, Villaviciosa, Raxao, Perico, Regona, etc.), typically Asturian and very suitable for making cider due to its aromatic richness.

In this way and by making a correct mixture of the different apple groups, taking into account their organoleptic and technological characteristics (sweet, bitter and acidic), we obtain a high quality must for, after a slow alcoholic fermentation and at low temperatures, to make natural cider . The process is completed with clarification, filtration, sweetening and carbonation resulting in an extra semi-dry cider.

Gluten free.

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Colour: Clear yellow with lots of well-integrated bubbles.

Smell: Complex and structured, with a bouquet of ripe fruit.

Taste: An excellent balance of acidity and sweetness, making for an elegantly lingering finish.


Alcoholic degree: 5% v/v

Pressure in bottle (atm): 2.5-3.0


Contains SULFITES.

Consumption mode

Service temperature: 7 - 10 ºC.

This cider pairs well with light meals. Ideal as an aperitif, can be served alone or over ice

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