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Permanent collection and cellars

Updated 1/07/2021

New opening times for July and August. Book your visit now! ;)

Visit: Permanent collection and winery, with tasting

Horarios julio y agosto:

Hasta el 10 de septiembre.


Mañanas: 10:00 / 10:45 / 11:30 / 12:15 / 13:00

Tardes: 17:00 / 18:30

SABADOS: Horario de mañana

Mañanas: 10:00 / 10:45 / 11:30 / 12:15 / 13:00


Approximate duration1 hour and a half.

Includes cider tasting

Price: € 5 (redeemable in the store at the end of the visit). Free for children under 14 years accompanied by an adult.

Al tratarse de una industria agroalimentaria, por razones de seguridad e higiene alimentaria no está permitido el acceso de animales de compañía.


Advance bookings required. Visitors must wait until confirmation is received.

We are unable to guarantee places on the tours for bookings made less than a day in advance.

Places on the tour are limited to 24 people.

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Planning a visit?

Fill in the following form to request a visit to our permanent collection. Once your booking has been processed, you will receive confirmation by telephone or email.


Discover our Permanent Collection

Manuscripts, printed matter, machinery, photographs, original advertisements and products are just some of the treasures awaiting visitors to the ‘El Gaitero’ Permanent Collection. The magic begins in the space designed to showcase the company’s history: the collection is housed in the former Valle, Ballina y Fernández administrative and management building, built in 1890.

The next floor takes visitors on a journey through the markets and export history and strategy of this Asturias-based company, an authentic visionary in terms of its investment in advertising and promotion.

Located in La Espuncia, ‘El Gaitero’ Permanent Collection is a magical journey into the history of Valle, Ballina y Fernández.

The tour ends on the top floor of the building, in a space that invites visitors to linger. Arranged like a movie theatre, with simple seating, visitors can watch a modern documentary providing an insight into the company’s history, which includes excerpts from one of the most important audio-visual documents in the firm’s possession: entitled Bellezas de Asturias (‘The Beauties of Asturias’), it was filmed between 1919 and 1920 and includes a full feature on the La Espuncia cidery.

This is a further example of the forward-thinking philosophy that has consistently characterised the firm and its use of new tools for the promotion of its products.

A journey that unfolds on three floors, each with clearly differentiated spaces. The ground floor is dedicated to the company’s origins, which include its champagne-style cider as well as the history of the founding family and its continuators.