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Tour of the permanent collection and cider mill


Due to the current situation, we have decided to temporarily suspend visits to our facilities.

We sincerely regret the disruption caused.

Thinking of visiting?

Fill in the following form and send us your request to make a visit to our permanent collection. Once your request is processed, we will confirm the reservation by phone or email.


Discover our permanent collection

Manuscripts, printed documents, machinery, photographs, original advertising materials and products are just some of the many treasures awaiting visitors to El Gaitero’s permanent collection. The magic beings with the actual space chosen to showcase the company’s history: Valle, Ballina y Fernández’s former administrative building, constructed in 1890.

The next floor takes visitors on a journey around the various export markets and offers an insight into the Asturian company’s visionary strategy of investing in advertising.

Located at La Espuncia, El Gaitero’s permanent collection offers a magical tour of the history behind Valle, Ballina y Fernández.

The highlight of the visit comes when visitors reach the top floor and a space that invites them to linger. Arranged like a movie theatre and furnished with simple seats, here visitors can watch a modern audio-visual presentation offering an insight into the company’s history, including excerpts from one of the most important films in the firm’s collection: Bellezas de Asturias (‘The Wonders of Asturias’), filmed between 1919 and 1920 and which includes a full feature on the cider mill at La Espuncia.

This exhibit is further proof that the company has always been ahead of its time in the application of new promotional tools for its products.

The three floors take visitors on a journey through clearly differentiated spaces: the first dedicated to its early days, and the origins of champagne cider, as well as an insight into the founding family and later generations.