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09 de mayo de 2018

#Descorchaundeseo se pone en marcha

This week, Valle, Ballina y Fernández and the José Cardín Foundation have both received ‘Desayunando Aldeas’ Awards. These awards are granted by the ‘Aldeas Asturias Calidad Rural’ Association to those people or organisations that have made an outstanding contribution to the promotion and dissemination of Rural Tourism in Asturias.

In the case of Valle, Ballina y Fernández, the association highlighted the company’s history dating back over a hundred years and its ongoing commitment to promoting Asturias and its cider, earning it “an excellent reputation around the world”. In turn, the Association’s decision to grant an award to the José Cardín Foundation was based on its work to recover, maintain and promote Valle, Ballina y Fernández’s historical legacy, as well as Asturias’ artistic and historical heritage.

The awards ceremony was held on 29th May in the Llugarón rural tourism house.