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20 de junio de 2013

An Asturian award for Grupo El Gaitero

Guided tours of our cider mill will restart on 19th January.  

Tours of our permanent collection and historic cider mill are cancelled until 19th January. Starting this date, visitors will be able to tour our century-old cider mill located on the Grupo El Gaitero facilities. More than 40,000 square metres on the shores of the Villaviciosa tidal estuary and listed as one of Asturias’ industrial heritage assets.


Visitors will have the opportunity to gain an insight into El Gaitero cider production methods, as well as enjoy a tour of our permanent collection, which includes numerous historic exhibits that form part of the history of El Gaitero.  



If you would like to take part in one of our guided tours starting 19th January, write to us at or call us on +34 985 890 100.