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16 de julio de 2019

El Gaitero Group, winner of the Amuravela de Oro award

On 14th July 2019, José Cardín received the “Amuravela de Oro” award in Cudillero, on behalf of El Gaitero Group.

This international accolade, which is given annually by the “Friends of Cudillero” association, was awarded to El Gaitero Group in recognition of “its brilliant trajectory over more than a hundred years, its proven reputation and its international projection. The excellent standard of its products and services, together with its sense of corporate responsibility and coherence, have contributed to the positive image and prestige of Villaviciosa and Asturias around the world, permanently linked to the festive and traditional nature of its delightful celebrations, as well as its contribution to culture through the José Cardín Fernández Foundation”.

In addition to El Gaitero Group, the 15th edition of the Amuravela de Oro awards also acknowledged the work of Bernadette Paringaux, a French philologist and hispanist known for her pioneering work in the study of the Pixuato dialect and the Central Mining Rescue Brigade which, since it was founded in 1912, has provided permanent assistance in the event of emergencies under extreme conditions and in many different situations.