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29 de marzo de 2017

El Gaitero sponsors the new film by Mario Casas

It's time to make cider in Asturias. And with the cider presses at full capacity, the supplement 'El Viajero' of the newspaper El País has prepared a particular 'Cider Master', a kind of 'must-visit guide' to the Cider Region.

The article explores cider presses, museums and cider houses, in which the reader can soak up the cider culture. And one of these obligatory visits is the cider press of Valle, Ballina y Fernández, owner of El Gaitero and listed as Asturian industrial heritage, located on the eastern bank of the Villaviciosa estuary since 1890.

Its more than 200 oak barrels or its nave with majestic vats holding up to 90,000 litres of cider are some of the secrets that await anyone who wants to enjoy one of its free guided tours.