El Gaitero Classic

El Gaitero's classic traditional sparkling cider. Production of this unique cider which is renowned around the world began in the late 19th century. It is an exceptional sparkling drink produced using traditional methods and boasting a rich aroma as well as fine bubble beads.

This cider is made by traditional methods with a mixture of apples used to make cider due to its aromatic richness. In this way, we obtain a high quality must for, after slow alcoholic fermentation and low temperatures, to produce the natural base cider. The process is completed with clarification, filtration, sweetening and carbonation resulting in an extra semi-dry cider.

Gluten free.

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Colour: Straw yellow with lots of bubbles.

Smell: Frank and fragrant with a bouquet of apple and peach forming a delightful combination.

Taste: The initial crispness and clearly defined acidity gradually gives way to a fulsome flavour with a lingering, highly personal finish.



Alcoholic degree: 4,1 % v/v

Pressure in bottle (atm): 3.2-4.2

Protect yourself from sunlight. Do not expose to temperatures higher than 25. ºC. Store in a cool and humid place.




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Service temperature: 7 - 10 ºC.

The ideal accompaniment for light meals and perfect with dessert.  

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