VA! Maceración Carbónica tempranillo

It is a wine-making process, applied to the whole grape, which produces wines with their own personality, highlighting in the wine, the aromas of fruits and the smoothness and unctuousness in the mouth. It is about achieving a wine with less manipulation, applying processes with certain rituals and obtaining its own natural expressions.

The grapes are picked by hand, carefully and after a careful selection, the whole grape is transported to the winery. The whole bunch, where the grape is, is discharged into the tank where it will ferment and develop the production.

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Purple-red in color, purple tones, medium-high intensity; alive and bright. Blackberry and raspberry aroma. Enveloping and delicate, with a sparkling point. Round flavor, with volume, glyceric. Raspberry, blackberry, dairy nuances and liquorice.

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